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The For-Profit Aged-Care Industry Has Led to Crisis

The epicenter of Melbourne’s COVID-19 outbreak is, predictably, aged-care 利来国标娱乐老牌w66下载homes, where years of marketization have led to an industry based on low wages, understaffing, and cost cutting. Amid the tragedy taking place in aged care, we need to call for an overhaul of the entire for-profit system.

We Deserve Better Than Trump Versus Biden

In the past week, two separate and very painful videos have circulated showing Donald Trump and Joe Biden the presidential nominees of the two major US political parties in action. Watching them, there’s only one conclusion we can reach: we’re so screwed.

Israel Is in the Middle of a Summer of Mass Unrest

Amid this summer’s massive protests, Benyamin Netanyahu’s grip on Israel’s political consciousness began to crack for the first time in a decade. But repairing the damage he’s done to the country’s political landscape will take years.